‘Interesting Stuff’ by Justin Minns on 2 February 2022

Date Published 
Sun 6 Feb 2022

North Norfolk Photographic Society members were delighted that Justin Minns made the trip all the way from Suffolk to deliver his talk in person; it had been feared the meeting would have to be held via Zoom and this was a much better experience, for Justin and for the members. Justin is an award-winning professional landscape photographer, best known for atmospheric images of East Anglia.

Titled ‘Interesting Stuff’, the talk was accompanied by photographs that Justin had taken on his many travels – though not only from East Anglia. And it certainly was interesting stuff!

Every member present was in awe of the fabulous images, with plenty of tips on how to achieve a stand out photograph and the amount of planning and thought which goes into each shot. Maybe using filters and slow shutter speeds, or getting up in the small hours to get in position for sunrise!

Justin showed how the weather can really enhance an image and it was clear from the impactive photos shown that it pays to be out in all weathers. 

As well as seeing images from East Anglia, members enjoyed a selection from Justin’s travels to different countries; the contrasting environment of Saudi Arabia to Iceland and the spectacular beauty of the aurora borealis. It was a fantastic evening of fabulous images.

Robin Johnson