The Art of Nature Photography, Paul Richards, at NWT Cley

Date Published 
Mon 16 Aug 2021

Our NNPS 2020-21 Photographer of the Year, Paul Richards, starts his 5th Exhibition “The Art of Nature Photography” at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Cley Marshes Visitor Centre (in the thatched Dick Bagnall-Oakley Centre at the rear of the visitor centre) on 18th Aug 2021 and it runs until 31st Aug incl.


Paul is passionate about our countryside and its native wildlife and, now living in West Runton, has spent much of his life working in nature conservation as a countryside manager. Capturing simple images of nature in an artistic way is a key element of his work and he has lots of brand new images on show.


Paul or myself will be manning the exhibition throughout, so please visit for a chat and a browse.


Opening hours are 10am-5pm daily


25% of all sales goes directly to the NWT