Construction & Architecture

Date Published 
Mon 6 Dec 2021
North Norfolk Photographic Society had a rather different visitor on 1st December.
Sarah Toon came from her home in North Walsham to tell members about The Art of Construction and Architecture. Sarah is a member of the Royal Photographic Society - perhaps no surprise there - and very unusually the Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers.
In fact, Sarah says she is the only photographer in East Anglia qualified to go onto working building sites to take photographs.
Sarah’s Practice built up from agreeing to photograph the reconstruction of Wells Maltings, which she followed over the months from start to finish. And she proudly says that from the contacts that she made on that job, so much of her present very busy practice has developed.
Sarah told members that she does all her photography hand-held; tripods are seldom practicable on a building site, but anyway, she needs the freedom to move around and point the camera where the desired image can be achieved at just the angle she wants. 
Travelling all over the country, Sarah is at home on a London sky scraper, a domestic house or a new Starbucks! Her job is to capture the essence of a building and to bring it to life.
Robin Johnson