Dawn Osborn’s Photography

Date Published 
Thu 24 Mar 2022

Dawn Osborn says she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t fascinated by photography. Her first camera was a Kodak box camera. As her interest grew she was given a 35mm rangefinder camera and went on to use more advanced cameras, now digital single lens reflex cameras.

In 1990 Dawn joined the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and was encouraged to apply for her Licentiate Distinction, which she gained the following year. She became a member of the RPS Nature Group in 1992 and has been a committee member since 1993, becoming Chairman in 2001 and Editor of the Group’s magazine, The Iris, in 2003. Dawn gained her Associateship in Nature in 1994 and was awarded the prestigious RPS Fellowship, also in Nature, in 2006.

Dawn especially enjoys photographing birds, but says she will take advantage of any opportunity to photograph mammals, insects, wild flora, fungi, land and seascapes. Her travels have taken her to many locations in Europe, the USA and Canada, plus the Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, Botswana and many others.

Dawn now lives in North Norfolk, and visited North Norfolk Photographic Society on 16th March and presented many of her photographs with a fascinating and inspiring talk.