Robin's Review of the Second Print as PDI Competition on 17th March 2021

Date Published 
Fri 9 Apr 2021

The club held a competition intended to be the second Prints competition, but adapted to a digital competition judged and viewed via the internet. The specified topic was ‘People’ – which caused some grumbling among the wild-life experts and the landscape specialists – but in the event there were 77 competing entries.

The judge, who did not have to travel up from Beccles, was Michael Lloyd and he patiently commented on every image. He was asked to appoint one Gold (winner), one Silver and one Bronze and also was free to allot Highly Commended and Commended to some runners-up.

The Gold award went to Paul Richards for ‘Cart Wallah Taking a Break’. No doubt taken on his photographic tour of India, this showed an Indian chap with his load, taking a break. Silver was for Lizzie Wallis and ‘Bricklayer’ – another Indian with a load of bricks – taken when she and Paul Richards were in India. And for Bronze, Andy Bamforth’s ‘Riders’ – a troop of horses and riders galloping across a beach.

Michael gave four Highly Commended awards, to Liz Akers for ‘The Village Postmistress’, to Lizzie Wallis for ‘Amma’, to Val Walker for ‘A More Glamourous Self and to Barb Gardner for ‘Mandy with her Horse’.

Eight members received Commended awards – Grace Glaister’s ‘His Pride and Joy’, Shirley Radden’s ‘The Sewing Circle’, Grace Glaister’s ‘Kristian’, Hanne Siebers’ ‘A Man and a Book’, Diana Knight’s ‘Montana Cowboy’, Hanne Siebers’ ‘Klausbernd’, Clive Matthews’ ‘The Look’ and Howard Denner’s ‘Chance Encounter at Grand Canyon’.