The Third Print Competition, by Robin Johnson

Date Published 
Wed 2 Jun 2021

If Lockdown really does end soon then the next meeting of North Norfolk Photographic Society might be a real meeting with real people! But meantime, their last competition on 2nd June was held via Zoom, albeit with some 25  virtual attendees!

Judge John Wilcox patiently looked at 65  photographs submitted by members and made helpful comments on every one before giving out awards to those he judged to be the best. In fact, the overall quality was so good that he put 31 of the images to one side for further consideration before issuing his final list.

There were 8 Gold awards – the winners. They were Frederic Landes’ Linnet Nest Building, Paul Richards’ Brown Hare in a Blizzard, Lizzie Wallis’ Oystercatcher with Mussel, Diana Knight’s Hyena Hierarchy, Liz Akers’ First Light, Val Walker’s Mountain Clouded Yellow and Wildflower Meadow and Mick Walker’s Brown Hooded Kingfisher.

Silver awards went to Hanne Seibers, Paul Richards, Diana Knight, Judith Wells, Shirley Radden, Liz Akers, Mick Walker, Frederic Landes and Malcolm English.

Seven members received Bronze awards and 5 Highly Commended and Commended.

Judge John Wilcox has visited the club in person before, and it is to be hoped that he will be able to do so again before too long!

Robin Johnson