Weather to Photograph and What

Date Published 
Mon 25 Oct 2021

North Norfolk Photographic Society enjoyed a visit from the renowned photographer Ann Miles on 20th October. Ann is an active member of Cambridge Camera Club and runs courses, gives lectures and has a very active website at

Ann came to give an illustrated talk ‘Weather to Photograph and What’. Unsurprisingly, it was all about the weather. Things started off with photographs that feature rain - and especially reflections on road and other surfaces and showing how rain can alter the appearance and colour of a landscape.

Then there was talk (and photos) that show mist, and how it can be used to hide a background and to give depth to a picture. Followed – no surprise here – by snow. Snow can make the plainest landscape come to sparkling life.

Last, and perhaps least, sunlight that can make or break a photograph. But Ann showed how shadows, that are so often harsh, can be softened if there is, for example, a white building nearby that reflects light onto the scene being pictured.

North Norfolk Photographic Society meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month at Cley Village Hall. Details are on the club website at Visitors are most welcome or anyone interested can contact the Membership Secretary at

Robin Johnson