Committee & Minutes

The Committee is elected each year at the AGM, usually held in April.

The Officers and Members of the Committee for 2021/2022 are set out below.

Those whose names are in yellow may be emailed by clicking their name.

Chairman                                            Rob Palethorpe

Vice Chairman                                     Paul Radden

Secretary                                            Martin Kurrein

Treasurer                                            Karen Hall

Membership Secretary                         Nick Akers

Programme Secretary                          Paul Radden

Internal Competition Secretary             Frederic Landes

and Equipment Officer

Exhibition Organiser                            Mick Walker

Events Organiser                                 Hanne Siebers

Project Group Leader                            Val Walker

External Competition Secretary             Val Walker

Unelected positions

Publicity                                              Val Walker

Webmaster                                          Martin Kurrein                                         

Members can download the Minutes of past meetings as a pdf file, below, once they log in.